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Erhart Kirfel


Erhart Kirfel has been President of TOG Training since the beginning of 2018.


He has been a board member of the Tom Oliver Group of companies for over a decade and CFO of the Tom Oliver Group since 2011.


Before that Mr Kirfel was the Chairman of the Board of the Public Administration Section of the Association of German Consulting Companies (“BDU”).



Erhart Kirfel ́s consulting career spans over many decades.

Among many other positions, Mr Kirfel was the Head of Financial Control for one of the two major political parties in Germany (the German Social Democratic Party, SPD), a position he held for 14 years without being a member of the party.


Given that the SPD party is also one of the biggest media conglomerates in Germany with a wide range of investments and activities, Mr Kirfel ́s position included a wide range of consulting activities in the areas of: finance, financial controlling, real estate, investments, HR, the whole financial control of the SPD German election campaigns, and even the organisation of gatherings of Heads of State of the G8 (The G8 was an inter-governmental political forum from 1997 until 2014, with participation from the world′s major highly industrialized economies).



Mr Kirfel is also one of the founders of the World Peace Foundation and the World Peace Festival (WPF) that have been named “the most influential peace gathering in history” by Archbishop and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu. TheWPF has included among its many supporters Heads of State, CEOs, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and organisations from Google to the United Nations.



Erhart Kirfel has been awarded the prestigious title of Certified management consultant" (CMC), an international professional certification for management consulting professionals, awarded by institutes in 50 countries (as of February 2014). The CMC enjoys global reciprocity; consultants certified in one country are recognized in most other countries. The standards for CMC in technical competencies and professional conduct were developed by international associations, in the US, IMC USA, and internationally, The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes(ICMCI).

Consultants awarded the CMC designation have demonstrated the following:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university.

  • Master's degree in business administration or pass qualifying exams in business related subjects.

  • Three or more (depending on country) years of experience in full-time consulting.

  • Owner or employee of a firm in independent practice, or internal consultant in organization meeting the Institute's independence criteria.

  • Demonstrated satisfaction by five different clients of consulting performance in challenging engagements.

  • Produced descriptions of five client engagements, including problems addressed, solutions provided and results achieved.

  • Interview by a panel of senior consultants on approaches to and competencies in a range of consulting disciplines.

  • Written and oral ethics examinations, adherence to a rigorous code of ethics and submission to enforcement by an independent adjudication body.

  • Commitment to ongoing professional education.



Tom Oliver

Tom Oliver


Tom founded TOG Training almost 20 years ago because he saw a growing need for customized coaching and training that is uniquely tailored to an organisation´s needs to fulfill its objectives.

Praised as a “coach to the world’s top CEOs, philanthropists, and entertainers”, Tom has shared his secrets on leadership, innovation and creativity with Bono, the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson. Tom has worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, financial leaders like the World Bank Group, the family of Warren Buffet, and the best global brands from Johnson&Johnson to Coca Cola and Google.

As the CEO of the Tom Oliver Consulting Group, Tom and his team shape the future of today’s market leaders from Asia to Europe and America.

Tom is a true self-made modern renaissance man: author of the global leadership bible “Nothing Is Impossible”; founder of the award-winning World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival (termed “the most influential peace gathering in history” by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu); a Professor of Innovation, Change Management, Strategic HR Management, and Leadership; the architect of the Global Leadership Circle at the Manchester Business School; and a renowned music producer, singer&songwriter and performer who has headlined festivals around the globe.

Tom has been awarded lifelong seats in some of the world´s most influential think tanks amongst world leaders, Nobel laureates and Heads of State.


Tom Oliver