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TOG Training has almost 20 years of global expertise, experience and know-how in coaching and training across many different industries, clients and territories.

TOG Training is a division of the Tom Oliver Group.

The Tom Oliver Group, through its consulting and training arms, provides highly tailored solutions in the areas of Innovation, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Change Management, Human Resources, and others. The group's clients are just as varied as its solutions, ranging from some of the world’s top creative agencies such as Interbrand and Saatchi & Saatchi, major consumer brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola, global financial institutions such as the World Bank Group, the United Nations and governments, to technology behemoths such as Google HQ and SAP, or working directly with world famous Fortune 500 CEOs.


Trusted Global Experience & Expertise

Tom Oliver and his team always combine global expertise and inside knowledge of tomorrow's cutting edge solutions with an intimate knowledge of local markets. This is why the Tom Oliver Group has been so successful in assisting many of the world's top brands by tailoring solutions uniquely to their needs and objectives.

Tom and his team have worked with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, financial leaders like the World Bank Group, and the family of Warren Buffett, and the best global brands to deliver solutions that are uniquely tailored to their objectives to produce “whole new levels of solutions” (Google HQ, Silicon Valley).